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H.E. PM Dr. Haider Al-Abadi discusses on phone with U.S. President elect Mr. Donald Trump the victories achieved against Da'esh and expanding the relations between the two countries.






Nov 18 2016


H.E. PM Dr. Haider Al-Abadi congratulated the U.S. president elect Mr. Donald Trump on winning the election during a phone call on Friday evening.

Moreover, Dr. Al-Abadi expressed Iraq's willingness to expand the scope of relations between the two countries.

The two sides also discussed the victories achieved by Iraqi forces in their war against Da'esh, and the importance of unifying all efforts against the roots of terrorism and its ideology which feeds sectarian polarization. Iraqis hit Da'esh forcefully through liberating their lands and they are now about to eliminate terrorism and liberate the city of Mosul where our forces are fighting now.

H.E. the PM referred to the core changes which led to the cohesion and combined work among all Iraqis with their different components and ethnicities to achieve these victories and focus on the battle against terrorism, maintain Iraqi sovereignty, avoid regional conflicts and live peacefully.

On his part, Mr. Trump affirmed saying that: " you are essential partners to us and you will find strong and deep support"

Mr. Trump also extended an invitation to Dr. Al-Abadi to visit the United States and meet with Mr. Trump soon after the inauguration ceremonies next January. Mr. Trump also conveyed his greetings to the Iraqi people showing his strong support to them.

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