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H.E. Prime Minister Dr.Haider Al-Abadi meets PMU's Commanders






March 25  2017

His Excellency Prime Minister, Supreme Commander of Armed Forces Dr.Haider Al-Abadi confirmed that His Reverend Grand Ayatollah Al-Sayyid Ali Al-Sistani overthrow Iraq's dividing speculation, years need to defeat Daesh.
His Excellency clarified that the Iraq's dividing speculation failed and we are united more rather than any time before.

His Excellency Prime Minister said that during his meeting with the Popular Mobilization Units Commanders , Al-Abadi commended the victories achieved against Daesh , and those achievements would not be without Popular Mobilization and other forces scarifies , Al-Abadi Clarified that victory spirit frighten and Fearful enemy.
His Excellency added that we will not a banded Our Martyr's scarifies or Our Heroes' PMU's Rights and some want to use that blood for other things

His Excellency Prime Minister referred to Daesh killings and Destructions acts, our sons scarified and liberated lands, we will not allow for those days in which Daesh come through.

His Excellency criticized Media's propaganda by saying that: each time we achieved victory, then rage and rumors erupt from them.

His Excellency mentioned that pro-Daesh will not appear again.
Al-Abadi clarified that the regional and world communities consider Iraq made a turning point not only in Iraq but in the region too; we need to keep on in our efforts to eliminate Daesh and rejected pro-Daesh.

His Excellency Prime Minister reaffirmed the restriction of weapon in the State only, not otherwise, no out-laws weapon at all.
His Excellency referred to that few individuals claimed that they belong to PMU and they disrupt PMU's reputation.

His Excellency mentioned that full victory would achieve in providing services, rebuilding liberated areas while other provinces suffered construction's delay.

His Excellency Prime Minister Dr.Haider Al-Abadi affirmed that our forces very carful on the citizens' safety while Daesh used bombing cars, loaded weapons in residential areas, in that case we used very precise guided weapons in order to ensure citizens' safety , demanding citizens in providing help to accelerate the end of the battle, and get rid of Daesh.

Media office of the prime minister